Travel Green!

Want to find out how you can ace zero waste travel? A little planning and a small stash of reusable necessities is all it takes to reduce your environmental footprint.


Image Source: IHG

Set yourself up for a zero waste holiday by booking hotels and tours that are committed to the cause. Waste conscious operators typically offer sustainable alternatives to items such as single use plastics, making it easier for you to follow suit!

IHG has taken positive steps to reduce plastic waste by committing to remove bathroom miniatures in favour of bulk-size amenities across their entire estate of 5600+ hotels by 2021. You can read more about it here.


Image Source: Guppyfriend

Stock up on low waste travel products. A growing number of beauty brands produce plastic free toiletries. When you purchase new travel gear, opt for items that can be worn or used long after your next adventure. A micro-waste washing bag like the Guppyfriend prevents micro plastic fibres from synthetic travel clothing being washed into rivers and oceans where fish typically mistaken them for food.

Eating & Drinking

Keep a reusable water bottle and coffee cup in your day pack to avoid the temptation to use disposable alternatives when you’re on the go. And remember to order your holiday cocktails sans a disposable straw.

Holiday Inn Old Sydney is proud to be a one of 30 organisations who has signed up to City of Sydney’s “Single-use Pledge” to dramatically reduce single use plastics, including plastic straws in their outlets.

Another great idea to combat single use plastics is to make “zero-waste” kit containing reusable alternatives to single-use items you may encounter when dining out such as cutlery and a food storage container. There are plenty of apps designed to help combat food wastage too, for example include an interactive map of coffee shops around the country that offer a discount for bring your own cup.

Holiday Inn Old Sydney is a proud supporter of Oz Harvest.The hotel fights food wastage through donating quality surplus food – that would otherwise go to landfill – to help provide meals for people in need.


Opt for digital tickets whenever possible and snap photos of tour brochures with your smart phone rather than taking pamphlets with you.

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Carry a good quality sleeping mask and ear plugs so you won’t be tempted to reach for the disposable ones on flights.


Stash a reusable tote in your daypack so you’ll never have to accept a single use bag for spontaneous purchases.

The Rocks Markets is a Sydney institution and a must-do if you’re visiting Sydney for the weekend. Located directly outside the hotel, you’ll find eclectic stalls boasting locally produced fashion, homewares and well-made souvenirs crafted from sustainable materials – helping you to ace zero waste!